It is used in places where there are electromagnetic mixtures and interferences, in instrument and control engineering, in fuel pumps, in machine production for measuring and control purposes, in assembly and production lines, in dry and humid environments, in places where mechanical stress is required, and where mechanical stress is medium.

ConductorIEC 60228 DIN EN 60228 EN 60228 Stranded Copper Wire Class 5
InsulationEN 50363-3 PVC Compaund
Insulation ColoursDIN VDE 0293; TS EN 50334 Or Black Insulator, White Coded Number
StrandingAppropriate Step Cores Twisted In Layers
Inner SheathEN 50363-4-1 PVC Compaund
ScreenTinned Copper Screen
Outer SheathEN 50363-4-1 TM5 oil resistant PVC compound
Color SheathRAL 7001 Grey
Packing500 – 1000 mt
Conductor Resistance0,5mm² 39Ω/km -0,75mm² 26Ω/km – 1,0mm² 19,5Ω/km – 1,5mm² 13,3Ω/km – 2,5mm² 7,98Ω/km
Insulation Resistance20MΩxkm
Current Carrying Capacity0,5mm² 6,0 A – 0,75mm² 13A – 1,0mm² 16A – 1,5mm² 20A – 2,5mm² 25A
Operating Voltage300V / 500V
Test Voltage2000V
Bending Radius10x Cable Ø
Temperature Range– 5ºC+70ºC Moving ~ 30ºC+70ºC Constant
Flame Retardant TestIEC 60332-1-2 DIN EN 60332-1-2 EN 60332-1-2
Chemical ResistanceIEC 60811-404