These shielded flexible control and internal connection cables are used in industrial electronics, data transfer and information communication for electronic purposes, as well as pull-break devices and load-cell cables in electronic scales. In addition, the tinned copper screen on it provides protection against external noise and signals.

ConductorIEC 60228 Sınıf 5, TS/DIN EN 60228 Sınıf 5
InsulationPVC or Polyolefin Compound, Colored Core
StrandingCores Are Twisted Into Short Fixed Steps
1.ScreenAluminum Polyester Tape
2.Screen%65 Covered Fine Tinned Electrolytic Copper Braid
Outer SheathFlame Retardant Special PVC or TPE Compound
Product TypesLOADCELL
Packing500 – 1000 mt.
Working TemperatureConstant: – 40 ºC + 70 ºC Flexible: – 5 ºC + 70 ºC
Bending Radius ( min.)Constant: 6 x D Flexible:12 x D
Working Voltage350 V
Insulation Resistance>100 MΩxkm
Test Voltage1200 V
Capacity80 – 120 nF / km