These are the cables used in Scada systems, water and natural gas distribution networks, electricity production and distribution, fuel filling facilities, power plants and production lines.

ConductorTinned Copper Wire 18 AWG (7x26AWG)
Insulation ColoursA Wire Green – B Wire Red
Drain WireTinned copper Wire 20 AWG (7x28AWG)
1.ScreenAL-PES Tape
2. ScreenTinned Copper Braiding (Min 85% Closure)+ 2 Pieces Wicks
SheathPUR Compaund (UV stabilised / oilresistant)
Sheath ColorBlack – Blue
Packing500 – 1000 mt

Profibus: A connection system of host computer and other computers, sensors, motors, thermocouples, automatic valves which are parts of scada system on a single line.
Scada: A generic name for systems that allow in spection, monitoring and operating under a logic of devicessprawling over a wide geographical area from a center by means of computers.

Max. Operating Voltage300 V rms
Capacitance1kHz 80 nF/km
Max. Dc Conductor Resistance20°C 20,5 Ω/km
Minimum Insulation Resistance 20°C 9,0 Ω/km
Nominal Propagation Velocity %77
Nominal Attenuation39 kHz 0.3 dB/100m
Impedance31.25 kHz 100 +/- 20 Ω
Operating Temperature– 30 ºC + 75 ºC
Min. Bending Radius100 mm
Maxi. Pulling Tension80 N