F-BUS TPE cable for the chemical and automotive industry, resistant to oil and cut oil, cold bending. It is suitable for communication at the sensor/actuator level, sensor-/actuator wiring, fixed installation as well as occasional flexing in free, non-continuous repetitive motion without tensile load. The TPE version has an oil resistant outer sheath. Especially suitable for wet areas in combination with water-soluble cooling lubricants.

F-BUS is a network alternative to hard cabling of field devices. It can be used as a common network for higher level fieldbus networks such as Profibus, DeviceNet, Interbus and Industrial Ethernet, where it provides a low cost remote I/O solution. It is used in automation applications including conveyor control, packaging machinery, process control valves, bottling plants, electrical distribution systems, airport luggage carousels, elevators, bottling lines and food production lines.

ConductorTinned Copper Wire Class 6
Sheath ColorYellow
Product TypesF-BUS
Packing500 – 1000 mt
Conductor Resistance13,7 Ω/km
Capacitance52 pF/km
Insulation Resistance 1 Ω/km
Test Voltage2000 V
Working Voltage300 V
Working Temperature-40°C / +180°C