Cables with a rated impedance of 50 ohms comply with MIL-C-17 and are used in radio and wireless communications, RFID, WiFi, Distributed antenna systems (DAS), Wireless Internet (WISP), Global positioning (GPS) systems, defence industry and telecommunication systems. Cables with polyethylene sheath are preferable in outdoor and underground installations while the halogen-free version is mainly intended for areas that require fire resistance.

ConductorTinned Twisted Copper Wire , 19×0,18mm (AWG20) Class 5, IEC 60228
InsulationLDPE, Ø 2,95mm 70°C
ScreenTinned or Red Copper Wire Mesh, 95% Closure
Outer Sheath PVC – RAL 9011 Black, Ø 4,95mm TM51 70°C, EN 50290-2-22
Standard Length 100 – 300 – 500 mt
Product TypesRG58 C/U
Capacitance101 ± 2 pF/m
Impedance50 ± 3 Ω
Velocity%66 ± 2
Insulation Resistance 2 GΩxkm
Working Temperature-30 °C … +70 °C
Min. Bending Radius10 x D
1 MHz1,33 dB/100m
10 MHz4,41 dB/100m
50 MHz10,69 dB/100m
100 MHz16,00 dB/100m
200 MHz24,38 dB/100m
400 MHz38,00 dB/100m
700 MHz55,39 dB/100m
900 MHz66,00 dB/100m
1000 MHz71,11 dB/100m