Electromagnetic interference and interference in frequency controlled motor feeds, automobile industry, power stations, packaging industry, machine tools, assembly and production lines, industrial pumps, ventilation systems, conveyor belts, dry, humid, acidic and oily environments, mechanical stresses are moderate are used in places. Motor supply cable in frequency converter circuits.

ConductorStranded Electrolytic Bare Copper
InsulationDIN VDE 0207 PART-2 PE Compound
Insulation ColoursDIN VDE 0293; TS HD 308 S2
StrandingCores Twisted In Layers
ScreenAl-Pes Tape + Tinned Copper Braid
Outer SheathEN 50363-4-1 PVC Compound
Packing500 – 1000 mt
Bending RadiusTemperature RangeFlame Retardant Test Capacity
10x Cable ØMoving +5ºC+70ºC Fixed -40ºC+70ºCIEC 60332-1-2 DIN EN 60332-1-2 EN 60332-1-2

• They can be easily applied in narrow areas with their flexible structures.
• This Type of Cables Are Not Used Outdoors
• Ral 9005 Black Cover: Where UV Resistance is Required

Conductor ResistanceInsulation ResistanceCurrent Carrying CapacityOperating VoltageTest VoltageMutual Capacity
1,5mm²=13,3Ω/km 2,5mm²=7,98Ω/km 4,0mm²=4,95Ω/km 6,0mm²=3,30Ω/km 10mm²=1,91Ω/km 16mm²=1,21Ω/km 25mm²=,0780Ω/km 35mm²=0,554Ω/km 50mm²=0,386Ω/km 70mm²=0,272Ω/km 95mm²=0,206Ω/kmMΩxKm 200 MΩ.km1,5mm²=20A 2,5mm²=25A 4,0mm²=34A 6,0mm²=44A 10mm²=61A 16mm²=82A 25mm²=108A 35mm²=135A 50mm²=168A 70mm²=207A 95mm²=250AUo/U(Umax) 0,6/1(1,2) kV4000 VCore/Core 70250 nF/km Core/Screen 110410 nF/km